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QR codes are a type of bar code and are sometimes referred as 2d barcodes. Created by a Toyota subsidiary called Denso-Wave in 1994, these codes are designed to store encoded information which can be decoded at high rate giving it the name Quick Response (QR). These codes differ from standard bar codes in that QR codes are capable of storing much more information, they can be scanned at almost any angle and are much more durable (even a damaged QR code can often still be read).

Originally created to track auto parts, QR codes are finding their way into a much wider range of uses especially in the commercial realm. They can be placed on static print ads, product packaging, posters, business cards, etc., where they can be scanned by mobile devices linking consumers to extended content and other services. These codes have enjoyed great success in Japan for many years and are now quickly growing in popularity in Europe and North America.
With the sales of smartphones predicted to grow this year by 55% (even surpassing desktop computer sales) the potential audience available to those businesses taking advantage of QR codes is expanding rapidly.
How do you scan a QR code?
Almost any mobile device with a camera and the right software can be used to scan a QR code. There are many applications available for scanning QR codes. To download one for your device, simply browse to www.ClickTag.com on your mobile phone.
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