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ClickTag takes QR codes to a whole new level by offering a complete line of services aimed to make your mobile marketing initiatives a success.
Benefits of using ClickTag
QR codes are becoming more and more common and for good reason. They give consumers immediate access to what's relevant to them and provide business owners and marketers with concrete insight into customer behaviour and patterns.
But not all QR codes are the same! On their own, traditional QR codes can be used to link a user to web content, dial a phone number, etc...; however, once the information has been imbedded in the code its usefulness is fixed to that one function and cannot be changed. ClickTag takes a different approach to QR codes by allowing for dynamic content that can be changed on demand as needs change and grow even after the QR Code has been printed and deployed. No need to reprint the code.

With ClickTag, you get:
  • Multiple functions assigned to a single ClickTag QR code
  • Content can be changed on-demand without affecting the code
  • Less complex codes regardless of the content ensures reliable and optimal scan speeds
  • Access to content using a Unique Lookup Code (ULC) for users without a QR code reader
  • Access to usage statistics which can be viewed or downloaded from ClickTag.com
How ClickTag can help your Business
There are many practical benefits that businesses large and small can gain from utilizing ClickTag QR codes. The applications are truly endless.They can be integrated into any type of printed materials including:
  • Conference/Event Displays
  • Magazine ads
  • Brochures and Flyers
  • Posters
  • Packaging
  • Catalogues
  • Business cards
They can be used to...

Extend traditional, static marketing and promotional materials to allow customers to:
  • Download contact information
  • Get directions to your office or store
  • Preview the latest special offers, promotions and coupons
  • How/where to purchase a product or service
  • Opt-in programmes
  • Conference floor plan and schedules
  • Surveys and Polls
Enhance product packaging to link users to:
  • Installation videos and blogs
  • Registration and warranty information
  • Sourcing parts and services
  • Customer feedback forms
  • Product related fan pages on social media sites
Provide in-store consumer engagement:
  • Stream videos showing the product in action
  • List of complimentary products available in-store
  • Product reviews
Enhance business processes including:
  • Co-ordinating inventory
  • Workflow automation
  • In-field product history and parts lookup
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