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ClickTag brings life to traditional static marketing material by making them interactive. The ClickTag experience begins when the consumer scans your ClickTag QR code and is immediately taken to your customizable Landing Page. From there they can select what they want to do from a list of Page Links. Analytics about the interaction with the Landing Page and the Page Link selected by the user are logged and can be viewed or downloaded from the ClickTag website to help you better understand and target your customers.

Scan QR Code - Display Landing Page - Choose Option

You can choose to self-manage your own ClickTag QR Codes and Landing Pages or you can work with ClickTag to design, develop and manage a complete deployment strategy and user experience optimized for mobile devices. You can also take advantage of our world-class email marketing application, SuccessByEmail.com, to automate your campaigns and connect with your customers through powerful email, SMS or Text messages.
Mobile Landing Page
Landing Page Example The Landing Page is a mobile friendly web page that gives you the opportunity to direct users to a variety of content and services using a single ClickTag QR code. It can be customized at any time using our easy-to-use web interface allowing you to quickly define links to support your marketing initiatives even as they grow and change without having to generate a new code.

ClickTag landing pages allow you to customize your page banner image, welcome message or page links to reflect a new promotion or content that you are running. ClickTag also allows you to get sophisticated with your message delivery by giving you the option of having one landing page display in the morning and another in the afternoon all using the same ClickTag QR code.
A key advantage of using ClickTag is gaining access to valuable analytics that will help you understand the consumers that have scanned your codes and accessed your content. Statistics can be viewed in easy to read chart form or the raw data can be downloaded into Excel for further analysis. Chart Example

Here are some of the valuable data points you have access to using ClickTag:
  • Number of Scans and Opens (Landing Page links clicked) by Date
  • Number of Scans and Opens by Day of Week
  • Number of Scans and Opens by Time of Day
  • Geolocation Statistics (where the codes were scanned)
  • Which links/functions were clicked, and how many times
  • Download raw data as a Microsoft Excel compatible csv file
Mobile Web Presence
With the explosion of smartphone sales, having an effective mobile presence on the web is vital; unfortunately, most organizations utilizing QR codes today do not link to mobile-friendly content. It is not enough to have a web site that can be viewed on a mobile device, the experience must meet the unique requirements of a mobile device in order to provide the best possible user experience. ClickTag offers a complete range of software development services to help you design, develop and execute an effective mobile presence that can be used for all your mobile marketing initiatives.
Targeted Email Marketing with SuccessByEmail
You can reach out to a large audience using our powerful email marketing engine; SuccessByEmail. Automate the deployment of your targeted message using email, text or SMS to a list of contacts and track every aspect of your campaign. For example, you can respond to a list of contacts gathered from an opt-in programme to send out a monthly newsletter.
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